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Midas Realty handles all commercial and residential property inquiries, their purchases and sales, and any associated information. It is one of the most trustworthy real estate organizations that ensure the pleasure of its customers.

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    5 Marla plot in Mangla garrison housing society can be purchased at the price of 910,000.

    A plot of 10 Marla that can be purchased has a price of 1,510,000 Rs.

    A plot of 1 Kanal that can be purchased has a price of 2,760,000 Rs.

     Executive Block

    The park view Lahore 5 Marla plot price and 10 Marla plots in the executive block are 6,000,000 and 8,500,000 lacs respectively.

    ·        Jade Block

    The 5 Marla plot price in Lahore park view city is a bit higher in the jade block which is 6,500,000, than the executive block. However, the price of 10 Marla plots is the same as in the executive block.

    ·        Orchard Block

    The orchard block is providing people with an exceptional range of 3.5 Marla plots. The price of a 3.5 Marla plot is 3,000,000 which is quite an affordable price for people with an average income. The down payment is 20%.

    ·        Overseas Block

    An overseas block comes with an addition of 1 Kanal plot with 5 and 10 Marla plots. The price for the 5 Marla plot is for 50,00,000. The price of 10 Marla plots is 10,000,000 and for 1 Kanal is 20,000,000.

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    Why Choose Us?

    Midas Realty, A well-known real estate firm that serves thousands of individuals worldwide. Midas Realty works day and night to meet the satisfaction level of its customers.

    Midas Realty handles all commercial and residential property inquiries, their purchases and sales, and any associated information. It is one of the most trustworthy real estate organizations that ensure the pleasure of its customers.

    Every day, Midas Real Estate deals with a variety of consumers from various locations.

    Midas Realty also works with many housing societies. Midas reality guides extremely simply and objectively.

    They inform their consumers about every aspect, disadvantage, or advantage of the housing society so that their customers obtain the best deal possible.

    Midas Realty works with a variety of housing societies, and some of them are listed below:

    Parkview Society:

    Lahore Park View society is one of those housing societies that offer a premium and affluent lifestyle to its residents.

    Park View City is one of Pakistan’s most established housing societies, including locations in both the major cities of Punjab, Islamabad, and Lahore. It is bordered by the beautiful Margalla Hills, making it the most appealing and intriguing civilization to live in.

    Lahore also boasts excellent infrastructure, which is an appealing factor for anyone looking to live in the city.

    It is owned by Vision Group, a real estate corporation that provides innovative features for the construction of houses, societies, and buildings. Abdul Aleem Khan, the owner of Vision Group, is a member of the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf (PTI) and a well-known businessman.

    Lahore Park View Housing Society is one of the most advantageous areas for property purchasers. Park view Multan Road Lahore is easily accessible as the location is so obvious.

    It also has the advantage of being close to the major city of Lahore, since it is just 2 kilometers from the Lahore – Islamabad highway.

    The society of the park perspective. Lahore has been split into many blocks, each of which is made up of plots of varying sizes. The price of a 5 Marla property in Lahore Park View City is between 22-23 lacs, while a 10 Marla plot is between 36-38 lacs.

    It has more affordable prices than other blocks. The Park view Lahore 5 Marla land price in the diamond block is 4,500,000rs.

    The price of a 5 Marla plot in Lahore Park View City is somewhat more in the jade block, which is 6,500,000, than in the executive block. The price of 10 Marla plots, on the other hand, is the same as in the executive blocks.

    These prices are significantly greater than those found on the gold block. In this block, the down payment is merely 25%, compared to 40% for gold.

    Park view housing society has a well-established and modern facility to give individuals in order to entice them to purchase land and dwellings in the society.

    It also features a plethora of essential, elegant, and appealing amenities, such as educational establishments, parks, commercial districts, and load shedding free power.

    Iqbal Garden Society:

    Iqbal garden is another housing mega project in Lahore that promises not only luxury and a comfortable life but also provides houses at an affordable price.

    It is the most advanced housing society as is also eco-friendly which means that it advances the quality of life, makes the urbanization system efficient, and monitors the wastage of resources.

    The phenomenal structure and design of the society make it more attractive and provide a luxury lifestyle.

    Iqbal Garden society is a well-known real estate business that provides the highest quality establishment of housing societies as well as other projects.

    The location and strategy of any housing society are crucial in making it lucrative for current and future investments. This housing society’s key location is the Kala Shah Kaku highway interchange, which is adjacent to the Government College and University (GCU) Lahore.

    Its position is also conveniently accessible via the Grand Trunk (GT) route and the Lahore Ring Road, which connects it to the main metropolis of Lahore.

    The Iqbal Garden Housing Society has not been approved by the Tehsil Municipal Administration (TMA) or the Lahore Development Authority (LDA). Any housing society, however, must have TMA and LDA authorized before it can be founded. People may quickly call their provided contact numbers in case of any queries and concerns regarding sales and purchase land or a house.

    The installment approach is one of the most convenient and pleasant ways to purchase a property or home.

    Iqbal Garden’s payment plan consists of simple monthly, four-month, and six-month installments that are further broken into four and twenty-four installments over a certain period.

    This housing society makes every effort to suit people’s demands and offer them a required lifestyle with simple payment options.

    Lahore Smart City:

    The Lahore smart city is another one of the most well-known housing societies

    that came forward to provide a better lifestyle for their residents. 

    Lahore smart city focuses on the satisfaction level of its customers and always tries to fulfill their requirements. 

    Lahore Smart City Location

    Lahore smart city location is one of the best since it is accessible to key Lahore routes such as the Lahore Bypass Road and the N5 GT road.

    It would be connected to two other significant routes, one of which is the GT road and the other is the Lahore-Sialkot motorway.

    Its proximity to the major city is beneficial, as residents will not be cut off from requirements.

    The smart city Lahore plot for sale is particularly advantageous for investors interested in investing in the smart city plan because the suggested site has no adverse effects of traffic congestion.

    The Lahore smart city payment plan requires only a 10% down payment, with the remainder paid in installments.

    It is divided into several installments to make it easier for consumers to pay the whole. The payment plan is designed with each class of the country in mind, making it simple for an individual to purchase a plot and a house in the community.

    The smart city also includes Lahore smart city master plan which is introduced by a company, named, Surbana Jurong. The firm also introduced the ideas for Capital smart city and that is how it also designed a master plan for the smart city in Lahore.

    The smart city of Lahore offers its residents an innovative way to spend their money.

    The development of Lahore Smart City incorporates all the following smart elements. It will give people a decent quality of nature, renewable energy resources, tranquil locations, and the use of technologies with no carbon footprints, thereby not polluting the environment.

    Mangla Garrison Housing:

    If you are seeking a great investment opportunity, Mangla Garrison Housing is the best spot to invest in Pakistan. Mangla housing society has 500 residents.

    Society has been made by some famous architects. Mangla real estate offers residential lands and plots in Pakistan’s best and well-established Mangla housing scheme.

    Mangla Housing Society has been awarded 6 acres of land to convert into a residential complex.

    There are apartments that contain more than one bedroom, it can be an apartment of 2 bedrooms, 3 bedrooms and so on.

    These flats are best suited to tiny families or singles due to their lack of room. Villas are much bigger than usual houses. There are multiple villas available at varying pricing points.

    Mangla garrison housing society is a Mangla view resort project. It is a real estate firm that delivers land-related information worldwide. 

    The owners are overjoyed to declare the triumph of their creation in front of the entire globe. Mangla garrison housing society is a real estate firm that delivers land-related information worldwide.

    Residents of Mangla Housing Society are provided with a high level of security. They give high-quality treatment to all members of society.

    They always have guards on duty who change shifts after a certain amount of time. They continue to inspect every entry and leave and have security cameras everywhere that record everything.

    Mangla garrison housing society generates its own energy and has sufficient water resources to meet the needs of its residents. They have a highly educated team that teaches and provides a high level of education.

    People are being treated by highly educated and skilled personnel who are guiding them correctly and are quite cooperative.

    The Mangla Garrison Housing facility is in the Pakistani city of Jhelum. It is 200 kilometers from Lahore and 100 kilometers from Islamabad.

    The view from Mangla is stunning because it is so near to Mangla Dam. It is easy and uncomplicated to explore for visitors.

    Mangla Garrison Housing Society offers a 2.5-year payment plan, which means you may pay the total sum in installments rather than all at once.

    All housing societies have payment plans that they use for the convenience of their customers. With all these luxurious lives and the environment, Mangla Garrison costs are inexpensive. Isn’t it incredible?

    Housing Socities :

    Housing societies are forming in Pakistan as the country takes further strides toward growth and development in infrastructure and the economy.

    Defense housing society (DHA), Bahria town, Askari XI, Lake city, Park view city, Iqbal Garden, Lahore development authority (LDA) city, and Bahria Orchard are among the other well-established housing societies in Lahore.

    These housing societies helps to create a good environment for the present and future generation so that our kids can play in a safe, educated, and peaceful environment.

    Living in a good environment is so much important as it has a direct impact on one’s personality. Developing countries are facing so many issues, it is only because the living standards of such countries are not as much high as they should be and resultantly, they are not that much productive.

    On the other hand, developed countries have gone too far just because their living standards are so high and they do not compromise on their health, education, and living.

    These housing societies have made it easier to buy the houses at a good price so everyone can have their shelter at the end where they can live for the rest of their lives.

    It increases the country’s standard of living.

    Housing societies made purchasing houses and plots much easier with their installment plans.

    People from all over the world are investing their money in these societies. With the help of these housing societies, the investment ratio has increased a lot which is very beneficial for a country like Pakistan that is not very developed.

    The goal of improving housing societies is to help the economy grow and to showcase the country’s infrastructure accomplishments on a global scale.

    Contact your favorite housing society and get your plots and houses now!