Iqbal Garden:

Like other societies, the Iqbal garden is also one of the most beautifully designed housing societies.

It has its infrastructural strategies that make the society different from other housing societies.

The phenomenal structure and design of the Iqbal garden make the society very attractive and luxurious living in the society.

It is the most advanced housing society as is also eco-friendly which means that it advances the quality of life, makes the urbanization system efficient,

and monitors the wastage of resources.

Iqbal Garden is facilitating people with an international living standard. Iqbal garden is another housing mega project in Lahore that promises not only luxury and a comfortable life but also provides houses at an affordable price.

So people with average income are also able to buy land and houses.

Iqbal Garden Location:

Location is the key factor that makes the housing society prominent.

Any housing society’s location and strategy are critical in making it profitable for current and future investments.

People usually go through every minute detail of the region in which they will build a house or any other structure. They check to determine if the location is connected to other locations, clean, and equipped with all essentials.

One of the most advantageous areas for property buyers is this Housing Society. The prime location of this housing society is Kala shah Kaku Lahore motorway interchange which is beside Government College and University (GCU) Lahore.

Its location is also accessible through Grand Trunk (GT) road and Lahore Ring Road which also connects it to the main city Lahore easily.

As it is closest to Kala Shah Kaku, it can be searched on Google Map by Iqbal garden Kala shah Kaku so that people will find this housing society easily.

Iqbal Garden Owner:

It is a project of a very well-known marketing firm, named, Grace Marketing.

It is a very popular real estate firm that ensures the best quality establishment of housing societies and other projects as well.

Iqbal garden is successful today just because a lot of working that has been done just for it. It has its own standard and there are unlimited reasons for it.

It is a trustworthy society and is free from any kind of fraud.

Iqbal Garden Approval:

The present status of it is that it is Lahore Development Authority (LDA) approved.

However, for any housing society to be established, it must be TMA and LDA approved. The Iqbal garden Lahore TMA approved and Iqbal garden Lahore LDA approved notification should be taken seriously so that this housing society will also have credibility.

The Iqbal garden Lahore TMA-approved notification will be helpful for the better functioning of society. Apart from this, a land registry in this housing society is available.

Iqbal Garden Contact:

Iqbal garden’s contact number is +92 308 2087171 and WhatsApp’s Iqbal garden’s contact number is +92 308 2087070. People can easily contact these numbers for any queries regarding land and house buying.

Iqbal Garden Plots:

It provides people with two categories of plots. Iqbal garden Lahore plot for sale are as follows:

  • Residential Plots

Residential plots provide people with 3 Marla and 5 Marla plots in the Iqbal garden. Each plot has a different price.

The price for 3 Marla plots in a residential plot area is 1,095,000. The price for 5 Marla plots in a residential plot area is 1,750,000 and 10 Marla plot is of 3,350,000.

These prices are so much pocket-friendly and affordable for an average-income person.

  • Commercial Plots

Commercial plots, on the other hand, offer 2 Marla and 4 Marla plots in Lahore.

The 2 Marla commercial plot price is 2,995,000 and for the 4 Marla commercial plot, the price is 7,500,000. These prices are also affordable and easy to pay in installments.

Iqbal Garden Installment Plan:

Every housing society makes its plans and strategies for the installment method. The installment method is one of the easiest and comfortable ways for buying land or a house.

The emergence of housing societies has made the buying of land and houses very easy through the installment process. Iqbal garden installment plan is also made to make people’s life free from tension as easy installments make people at ease when buying land.

Iqbal garden installment plan consists of easy monthly, 4 months, six months’ timely installments which are further divided into 4 and 24 installments in a specific time. So this housing society tries its best to meet the needs of people and provide people with a luxury life with easy installment plans.

  • Residential Plot Installment Plan

The 3 Marla residential plot installment plan includes a down payment of 175,000, Balloting price of 75,000, and possession of 150,000 and after every six months, an additional amount of 30,000 will also be paid which is a bi-annual installment.

The 5 Marla residential plot installment plan also comes with the same installment plans and timing with different prices.

The down payment is 300,000, the installment per month for 48 months straight is 11000 and balloting is for 150000, and possession is for 1,750,000.

  • Commercial Plot Installment Plan

The 2 Marla commercial plot installment plan includes a down payment of 750,000, allocation price of 300,000, and 24 monthly installments of 51,875 and total price is 2,995,000.

The 4 Marla Commercial plot installment plan also comes with the same installment plans and timing with different prices.

The down payment is 1,875,000, the allocation price is 300,000, the possession is for 750,000, 24 equal installments are for 140,625 and the total price is 7,500,000.

Iqbal Garden Payment Plan 2022:

Every society has its payment plans for buying a plot and house in that society. The payment plan of societies is built by considering each class of the country so that it will be easy for an individual to buy a plot and house in the society.

Iqbal garden payment plan 2022 has also been built in considering the ease for people. It consists of various installments so that people will easily pay the amount. Iqbal garden payment plan 2022 is the same as the installment plan.

Iqbal Garden Balloting:

Iqbal garden balloting has been done on August 08, 2021, in which allotment of plots to people has been done carefully.


Every housing society has an established and advanced facility to offer to people so that they will buy land and houses in the society.

Iqbal Garden offers a variety of services, including an easy installment payment plan and a variety of other amenities.

It offers its residents a unique way to spend their lives. The establishment of the Iqbal garden includes all of the basic, luxurious, and attractive facilities. Following are the facilities:


The society has a vast, 100 ft. main boulevard which makes it a very commendable society.


This housing society has a high-level educational institute with the facility of high-skilled teaching staff. The educational institute also facilitates the staff with nursing and daycare unit.


This housing society has a specific area of greenery that is made to make the environment and people fresh. Parks consist of plants, flowers, a play area for children, and jogging tracks.

Health Center:

There is a well-structured health care center available in society. It is built to facilitate the residents with advanced medical care through medical equipment and trained staff to deal with the health issues conveniently.

Shopping Facility:

It also provides people with a shopping mall that includes all the national and international brands.


The society also has its grand mosque which consists of phenomenal infrastructure. It makes prayer offerings easy for people.

Sports Center:

In this housing society, a sports complex has also been built which promotes sports activities among people. It also conducts both indoor and outdoor games.

Electricity Supply:

The supply of power is also promising in this housing society.

Water Supply:

The water supply is provided with full flow.

Sewerage System:

Its sewerage system is built on advanced techniques to prevent sewerage hurdles that will make society clean.


There is a gymnasium for people so that they will remain in good health by doing exercises.


The high-quality restaurant has also built-in this housing society to make an advanced society

Carpeted Roads:

The roads of society are fully carpeted and well-managed.

Water Filter:

There are water filtration plants built in the society so people will have clean water..

Other Housing Societies in Lahore: 

Housing societies are forming in Pakistan as the country progresses and develops its infrastructure as well as its economy.

The goal of improving housing societies in Pakistan is to help the economy grow and to showcase the country’s infrastructure accomplishments on a global scale.

Mangla garrion, Park View City, Lahore Smart City,  Lahore Development Authority (LDA) city, and Bahria Orchard have developed housing societies in Lahore.

Housing societies were founded in Lahore to provide residents with land and dwellings with simple payment methods and higher living conditions.

These established societies provide Lahore with developed infrastructure, which is a critical component in developing a country that is both sustainable and developed.