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Smart City:

A Smart city is a new beginning of the society towards the development of any country. A smart city is a way of enhancing not only the living and life standard of your country but your self can be polished by living in this society.

A Smart city is a creation of societies in a country that not only present a country as a developed nation but also promises to give better living chances to the people living in the country.

A smart city is another advanced step towards development.  A smart city is also eco-friendly which means that it advances the quality of life, makes the urbanization system efficient, and monitors the wastage of resources.

Smart Cities in Pakistan:

In Pakistan, there are currently two smart cities, named, Capital Smart City, which is established, and Lahore Smart City, which is going to be established, for the promotion of the betterment of quality life, efficient urbanization, and mobility.

The smart city that is established in Lahore is the 2nd largest smart city in Pakistan. Lahore smart city is an advanced residential scheme for people to not only build their houses in this city but also invest in it.

Investment in this advanced city can be very much beneficial for the investors as smart cities are a step towards development.  Moreover, it will be the most elegant society with its luxurious features for people.

Lahore Smart City:

Lahore smart city is formulated by two major real estate firms, named Habib Rafiq (Pvt) and future holding development (FDH).

The real estate developers allied with each other to give this major project to Lahore and Pakistan as both estates have the perfect collection of features that are necessary to develop societies on such a large scale.

It will become one of the finest smart cities in the future as it is beneficial for not only those living in the society but also for the investors and economy.

It is beneficial for people in terms that it is providing people with a lot of advanced and lavish facilities.


Lahore Smart City Location:

When building a house or any other building, people mostly go through every keen detail about the area in which they will build.

They see that if the location is connected with other areas also if it is clean, and if it has all the necessities.

Lahore smart city location is one of the finest locations as it is connected with major roads of Lahore such as Lahore Bypass road and N5 GT road which made its connection to the main city Lahore.

Its connection with the main city is commendable as people will not get disconnected from necessities. Lahore smart city location google map is currently the same as mentioned above that it will be near Lahore bypass and it will be accessible with two other major roads, one is GT road and other is Lahore-Sialkot motorway.

The smart city Lahore plot for sale is also beneficial for the investors to invest in the smart city plan as the proposed location has no side effects of traffic blockage and no entry/exit from/to the main city Lahore.

Lahore Smart City Payment Plans:

Every society has its payment plans for buying a plot and house in that society. The payment plan of societies is built by considering each class of the country so that it will be easy for an individual to buy a plot and house in the society.

Lahore smart city payment plan has also been built in considering the ease for people. It consists of various installments so that people will easily pay the amount.

Lahore smart city payment plan includes only a 10 percent down payment, however, the rest payment will be paid in installments which is a very productive way of it facilitating their consumers.

Lahore Smart City Blocks And Plot Prices:

Moreover, smart city Lahore plots are divided into two different categories executive block and executive block. Each smart city Lahore block has different criteria.

Plot prices in Lahore smart city and plot division are as follows:

Overseas Block:

In Lahore smart city, an overseas block is reserved for those who live abroad but wanted to secure land in Pakistan. The overseas block includes smart city Lahore plot for sale of 5, 10, and 20 Marla, and their payment is set according to per Marla price of land. The prices are as follows:

1. 5 Marla plot for 2,280,000

 2. 10 Marla plot 4,480,000

3. 1 Kanal plot for  6,600,000

The payment plan for each plot of this block is further divided into 14 installments.

Every installment is different for each division of the plot. 5 Marla plot in overseas block demands 2,280,000 amount.

Similarly, the other two sizes of plots, 10 Marla and 1 kanal have their division of prices. This division of prices is very convenient and adaptable for people and it also provides people with a luxurious lifestyle in an easy manner.

Executive Block:

An executive block is mainly for the people living in Pakistan. An executive block is also divided into 5, 10, and 1 kanal plots but prices are a bit different. The prices for each plot are as follows:

  1.  5 Marla plot 2,160,000
  2. 10 Marla plot 3,960,000
  3. 1 kanal plot 6,480,000

The payment plan of an executive block is also further divided into 14 installments, however, prices of the plot are a bit less in an executive block than an overseas block.

So in this block, the first two installments for the 5 Marla plot are 144,000 each and the rest twelve are again 144,000. Similarly, the other two sizes of plots, 10 Marla and 1 kanal, have their division of prices. This means that not executive block provides people with more convenience than in overseas block.

This division of prices is very convenient and adaptable for people and it also provides people with a luxurious lifestyle in an easy manner.


This smart city provides people with not only easy installment payment method convenience but also with a lot of other facilities.

The Lahore smart city provides its citizens with innovative life spending. The establishment of Lahore Smart City includes all of the smart features which are as follows:

  • Friendly environment

This will provide people with good nature quality, renewable energy resources, peaceful areas, and usage of technology without any carbon footprints so that will not pollute the environment.

  • Cleanliness

The areas and roads will be cleaned and well-maintained. Moreover, there will be greenery which will make the smart city pleasant and fresh for those living in the city.

  • Security

It also promises people with a high-level security plan that will be active 24/7, so that each and individual will be safe within the smart city.

  • Underground electricity

The smart city will have a power system underground that is also an eco-friendly step.

  • Buildings and recreational areas

This will provide people with many other opportunities besides housing. It includes a sports club, shopping mall, lake, garden, park, and hotels.

  • Developed infrastructure

This smart city facilitates people with a strong and efficient infrastructure of houses and buildings.

  • Technological facilities

It also provides people with internet and other software uses.1

Head Office:

Lahore smart city head office deals with all the queries of people regarding the smart city.

People can have every bit of information any time they want. Workers of smart city society are so cooperative and listen to every queries very calmy,

In addition to that, they guide you properly so the customer would not feel any hesitation.

Customers can easily have access to them via their contact numbers.

 Smart City’s Tracking Feature:

The smart city also has an exciting feature, Lahore smart city track.

This tracking feature will enable people to track their bookings through scanning QR codes and it also tells about the current status of new bookings.

This means that the tracking feature will facilitate the people with the updated features of their bookings.

Other Housing Societies:

Rather than this advanced smart city in Lahore, there are many other housing societies in Lahore such as Iqbal gardenParkview Housing SocietyMangla Garrison Housing society, which are Lahore development authorities (LDA) Approved any many more.

The idea of housing societies in Lahore in installments is established to provide people with easy payment methods and better living standards.

These established societies provide Lahore with developed infrastructures which is a very important factor in building a sustainable country.