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Mangala Garrison

Want To Have A Beautiful Place To Live? Or A Fine Place To Have Some Investment, Mangla Garrison Housing Is Just For You.

Mangla Garrison Housing Is An International Standard Of Living And Offers Everything That A Person Asks For!

It is a piece of good news for both overseas and non-overseas Pakistanis in terms of investment.

Investing in such housing societies is advantageous because land prices are rising all the time, and having a house

or plot in such an environment would raise its value even more.

Mangla garrison Housing Location:

Want to have a beautiful place to live? Or a fine place to have some investment, Mangla Garrison Housing is just for you.

Mangla Garrison Housing is an international standard of living and offers everything that a person asks for!

It is a piece of good news for both overseas and non-overseas Pakistanis in terms of investment.

Investing in such housing societies is advantageous because land prices are rising all the time, and having a house or plot in such an environment is very surprising also it would raise land’s value even more.

No one wants to lose out on the chance to purchase land or a house in a thriving and expanding residential environment that offers each and every luxury facility!

Mangla Garrison Housing is the finest place to invest in Pakistan if you have been looking for a superb investment opportunity.

Mangla real estate provides residential lands and plots in Pakistan’s Mangla housing plan, which is a premier and well-established neighborhood.

It is one of the most beautiful housing societies of Pakistan that offers luxury and a peaceful lifestyle.

It provides different property type that includes apartments, commercials, flats, hotel apartments, residential and service apartments too.

It contains about 500 homes and is elegantly created by some of the world’s most well-known architects. Mangla Garrison Housing offers flats, villas, and residential plots available.

Mangla Housing Society has been given 6 acres of land for residential development. These flats are further subdivided into various sizes. And each has its own set of costs.

Apartments with 1 bedroom, 2 bedrooms, and 3 bedrooms are also available.

The size of a one-bedroom apartment is 380 square feet, a two-bedroom apartment is 1100 square feet, and a three-bedroom apartment is 2250 square feet.

It is determined by the needs of the consumers. Because there isn’t much space in these flats, they’re best suited to small families or singles.

Mangla Housing Society has set aside 27 acres of land for villas. Villas are larger and more costly than other dwellings in the region. There are several villas at various price levels.

A three-bedroom villa is on ten Marla of land, while a two-bedroom villa sits on eight Marla.

Mangla Housing Society also provides residential plots of 5 Marla, 8 Marla, 10 Marla, 1 Kanal, and 2 Kanal sizes at various costs.

Mangla Garrison Housing owner:

Mangla garrison housing society is a project of Mangla view resort that is brought to you by some really professional workers to fulfill your requirements.

A large amount of hard work has been put to make this a successful project. Society has its offices open in foreign countries.

This project is indeed a big achievement and a proud moment for all of us and the owners are happiest to announce the success of this masterpiece in front of the world.

These housing societies are a great source of utilizing free lands and, they are playing an important part in the development of the country. All thanks to the owners who have made it possible !

Facilities by Mangla Garrison housing society:

Security and surveillance:

Mangla housing society is providing high-level security to the residents. They provide high quality care to each resident of the society. And resident’s protection is housing society’s priority.

They have their guards on duty every time who changes shifts after a specific time period and keep their eyes on every person either known or unknown.

They keep on checking every entry and exit. They have their security cameras everywhere that capture everything.

24-hours of water and electricity supply:

Mangla garrison housing society is producing their own electricity and has water resources to fulfill society’s resident’s requirements.

Electricity backups:

Mangla garrison housing society has a lot of electricity backup so in case of any emergency or mishap, they could provide electricity to the people.

High Quality Educational Institutes:

Society is providing good quality education. Mangla garrison housing society has colleges and schools too.

They have highly educated staff that is teaching there and providing high education.


Parks have been designed for the people especially for kids so they can feel safe and enjoy whenever they want.

Kids can easily play alone without any fear for parents because society is secure and peaceful.


It has very nice wide and clean roads that are carpeted.


Society has its own big mosque where people offer prayers of all time.

Health centers:

Society is providing great health facilities to the residents of Mangla garrison housing society.

People are getting treatment from highly educated and trained staff who guides them so rightly and are very cooperative.

You have other activities like Rowing, Fishing, Boating, Canoeing, Horse Riding Clubs, Horse Stables, Water Skiing, it has its own resorts, Golf clubs, Parasailing, Mangla Garrison Golf Club, and a Neat and Clean Environment for kids to grow.

Infrastructure is almost 40% complete, 99 years+ 99 years of leasehold. You can pay 50% of the total and begin construction on your land.

The payment Plan of Mangla Garrison housing is for 2.5 Years.

A relaxing and enjoyable spot that is suitable for holiday spending. The position is perfect and well-protected.

Because they provide a register and it is a garrison society, you are safe from a legal standpoint.

The amenities provided with each plot are also rather considerable; plot owners are permitted to keep a horse in the stables and a boat in designated areas.

Mangla Garrison Housing Location:

Mangla Garrison Housing location is in an ideal position. It is in the Pakistani city of Jhelum.

Because it is so close to Mangla Dam, the view from Mangla Housing Society is incredibly relaxing, especially the sunsets and the air.

Another advantage is that it is easily accessible from both Lahore and Islamabad.

It is approximately 200 kilometers from Lahore and 100 kilometers from Islamabad. Visitors will find it simple and straightforward to navigate.

Approved Society:

Rather than this advanced Mangla Garrison housing society, there are many other housing societies like Parkview, Iqbal Garden, Lahore housing society. Mangla Garrison housing society is an army society and has been approved by Garrison. This means society is not any fraud or illegally located.

Mangla Garrison Housing prices:

Mangla garrison housing prices vary from plot to plot.

Buying and sales of plots differ from each other and keep changing. Mangla Garrison Housing rates are not fixed and some of them are as follows;

  • 5 Marla price of the plot is 910,000
  • 10 Marla price of the plot is 1,510,000

5 Marla plot in Mangla garrison housing society can be purchased at the price of 910,000.

A plot of 10 Marla that can be purchased has a price of 1,510,000 Rs.

A plot of 1 Kanal that can be purchased has a price of 2,760,000 Rs.

The prices are affordable and getting plots and houses at such prices is really shocking as the environment and facilities this society is providing are so good.

Mangla garrison Housing payment plan:

All housing societies have their own installment plans and they implement them for the ease of the customer. One of the most attractive things is the Mangla garrison Housing payment plan is also provides you the installments.

It makes purchasing easy. Paying in installments helps you to lessen some burden rather than depositing a big fat amount at once.

Mangla Garrison housing society is providing an installation plan of 2.5 years which means that you can pay the entire amount in 2.5 years rather than all at once.

Mangla garrison housing payment plan allows installments to everyone and people find it so convenient, it is another reason for getting people’s attention.

Mangla Garrison prices are super affordable with all these luxury lifestyles and the environment. Is not it amazing?

Other Housing Societies:

Rather than this advanced smart city in Lahore, there are many other housing societies in Lahore such as Parkview, Iqbal garden, Lahore smart city,  and many more.

The idea of housing societies in Lahore on installments is established to provide people with easy payment methods and better living standards.

These established societies provide Lahore with developed infrastructures which is a very important factor in building a sustainable country.

Contact information:

Mangla garrison housing society is highly responsible and takes customer feedbacks or concerns very seriously. Also, they are very active.

If anyone wants to have some information or have any questions regarding housing schemes or plots, they have provided their contact numbers to address your problems.

Tel: +92 3082087070 is their contact number.

Call now and book your plots!915